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HolmesRGB 1sec 110607

HolmesRGB_1sec_110607.jpg Holmes03 1sec 110607ThumbnailsHolmes03 1sec 110607ThumbnailsHolmes03 1sec 110607ThumbnailsHolmes03 1sec 110607Thumbnails

Comet 17P/Holmes at 50x1 second RGB Fits. Comet Holmes is one peculiar comet! Between October 23–24, 2007, Comet Holmes grew much brighter, going from magnitude 17 to magnitude 2.5 in just a few hours. This might be a one in a lifetime event so I'm glad I had the right equipment to capture a few descent images of it. Captured and combined in Meade's Autostar Envisage V5.85 software. Finishing touches done in PhotoShop. Telescope: Meade DS-2114ATS-TC on Orion EQ1 motorized mount. Camera: Mead DSI Color 16bit camera. Camera in prime focus with an Atik x.5 focal length reducer. Filtration used: Baader UV/IR Cut filter · Date/Time 2007:11:07 09:43:12 · Resolution 632 x 470