MilkyWay-02-101207.jpg MilkyWay-GalacticCenter-101207ThumbnailsMilkyWay-112408MilkyWay-GalacticCenter-101207ThumbnailsMilkyWay-112408MilkyWay-GalacticCenter-101207ThumbnailsMilkyWay-112408MilkyWay-GalacticCenter-101207ThumbnailsMilkyWay-112408MilkyWay-GalacticCenter-101207ThumbnailsMilkyWay-112408
10 minute exposure of the the Milky Way. Dynamic background extraction done in PixInsight LE 1.0. Finishing touches done in Photoshop. Telescope: - Camera: Fujica ST701. Used Fujifilm HQ 100 ISO 35mm film. Lens used was 28mm 1:2.5 wide angle stopped down to 4. Atop Orion EQ1 motorized mount. · Date/Time 2007:10:13 19:37:37 · Resolution 800 x 540