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MilkyWay-GalacticCenter-101207.jpg MilkyWay-GC-082608-5minThumbnailsMilkyWay-02-101207MilkyWay-GC-082608-5minThumbnailsMilkyWay-02-101207MilkyWay-GC-082608-5minThumbnailsMilkyWay-02-101207MilkyWay-GC-082608-5minThumbnailsMilkyWay-02-101207MilkyWay-GC-082608-5minThumbnailsMilkyWay-02-101207

10 minute exposure of the galactic center region of the Milky Way. The actual center is towards the bottom of the image near the trees. In this image M8, M24, M17 and M16 are all visible. Dynamic background extraction done in PixInsight LE 1.0. Finishing touches done in Photoshop. Telescope: - Camera: Fujica ST701. Used Fujifilm HQ 100 ISO 35mm film. Lens used was 28mm 1:2.5 wide angle stopped down to 4. Atop Orion EQ1 motorized mount. · Date/Time 2007:10:13 19:14:24 · Resolution 540 x 800